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How often do you hear about a deal that sounds too good to be true - and it turns out it is? For instance, how many times have you been told that you can enter a free giveaway, only to find out that you actually have to purchase something in order to participate? This can be frustrating, and leave you feeling as though entering a contest giveaway isn't worth it. However, before you give up on sweepstakes all together you should enter a giveaway from Publishers Clearing House - which is always free - and could change your life in a big way!

Take Natalie Bostelman for example - she did her daily web searching with Publishers Clearing House and won a BIG $1 Million Prize. Her life was changed forever - and if you won the BIG $10 Million Giveaway your life would be, too.

There's always a free giveaway to win at PCH, and all you have to do is fill out a quick form online and you could find yourself with a $10 million fortune. There are so many different things you could do with $10 million that the thought of having all that money may seem overwhelming. However, if you do win, you'd want to be smart about how you spend - not blow it all on luxury cars and jewelry! So here are some smart tips you might want to consider if you hit the jackpot.


Keep it quiet

If you won $10 million in a PCH giveaway, you'd probably want to shout it from the rooftops - but you shouldn't. Letting everyone know that you struck it rich right away might cause some problems. You'd need to plan what you'd want to do with the money and who you'd want to share it with so you'd be prepared when people start to ask for cash. If you won, the first people you should talk to are your immediate family members, so they could offer up their suggestions for what should happen with this money.

Don't make sudden changes

Forbes magazine recommended that for the first six months after you win a great deal of money you should avoid making any major purchases, such as a new home. The news source spoke to financial planners who suggested that you consider renting a new home in the neighborhood you're thinking of moving into before you make a commitment to a new place. Furthermore, while you may be tempted to call your boss and quit if you found out that you won $10 million in a free giveaway, you should think about it hard before making this brash move. Remember, the longer you keep working, the longer you could make $10 million from a contest giveaway last and perhaps bring you into an early retirement.

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Reach out for help

USA Today explained that one of the top mistakes people make when they win a large sum of money is to think that they are the best person to handle it. If you won a big prize like this, you'd want to consult a professional to help you manage all your new assets and offer you advice for what you should consider investing in.

Pay off your debts

While you're busy daydreaming about all the fun things you can buy with $10 million, one of the first things you should do if you won all that money is pay off any debts you may have. Whether it's student loans or a credit card bill - you'd feel better once all your debts are settled and then you could move on to buying more exciting stuff.

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Make a budget

If you won a $10 Million giveaway, you wouldn't want to spend it all in just a few short years, which is why you should make a budget and then stick with it. This is a lot of money, and you could certainly live off of it comfortably for awhile, but proper planning is always important no matter how much money you have.

While these are all suggestions, how you would choose to spend $10 million if you won a contest giveaway from PCH is up to you. The possibilities would be endless if you were the next big winner, but one thing's for certain -- if you don't take advantage of the free Sweepstakes opportunities PCH is giving away daily, you can't win any of their amazing prizes. So don't wait another second -- make sure you take the next step and enter to win $10 Million now!

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